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Groove for Beginners with Kisha Fox

A step-by-step course designed to teach the basics of GroovePages 2.0 so you can launch your new siteeven if you’re just signing up today.


Shortcut your success in Groove

Okay, so you're ready to fast track your money-generating ideas so you can finally get to live the lifestyle you've always wanted. In Groove for Beginners with Kisha Fox, I'll teach you why the Groove platform is the best tech stack for your small business and how to succeed in Groove to save you time, money, and unnecessary frustration. With all that Groove has to offer, where do you start?


There are a lot of moving pieces to Groove and your head is probably about to EXPLODE from all the POSSIBILITIES the Groove platform opens for you, but...

  • you’re new to digital marketing and are immediately overwhelmed by everything in Groove. How will you ever be able to launch a simple and professional landing page?

  • you’re busy with no time to search out Groove tutorials for weeks and weeks or months and months on end. How can you shorten the learning curve and get up to speed as quickly as possible?

  • you’re doubtful about bringing your assets into Groove from all the other platforms because you are unsure if Groove can handle your business. How can you successfully make the switch?

  • Here’s What You Will Get When You Say Yes During This Limited Free to Paid Access Period (Value $797)

    An Intro To the Groove Platform

    Gain an understanding of when you’ll need which part of Groove, and what to focus on NOW to prevent beginner overwhelm

    GroovePages 2.0 Basics

    Become intimately acquainted with the builder and moved from what in the world did I just sign up for, to gracefully and confidently moving around in GroovePages

    Learned and Launched

    Learn the basics of switching text, colors, and perfectly-sized images so you can have a published and professional  website without fumbling your way for weeks.

    Intro to GrooveMail

    Create a fully functioning sign-up form on your page so you can start building your list right away

    The Tech Stack

    Access the FREE Groove Account that gets you everything you need to build out your online foundation and create seamless, automated systems

    An Intro to SEO

    Understand the basics for getting SEO compliant before you launch your professional landing page

    ENROLL FOR $187

    Meet Your Course Instructor


    Heyyyy...my name is Kisha Fox and I'm what you might call a self-proclaimed "Grooveaholic," meaning I love Groove and have been using it long enough to be considered an expert. So, if you're looking for someone who knows Groove, you can call off your search, my friend. 

    I discovered Groove in 2020 and decided to become a student of the platform. I've logged thousands of hours in training (and that's no understatement).

    More importantly, I've helped dozens of solopreneur business owners just like you get online and look professional.

    Sure there are other Groove courses out there, but I've made a name for myself as it relates to eye-catching designs and have generated raving fans who LOVE how I Groove. I know the ins and outs of Groove and I'm not afraid to push the builder to get the most from it.

    For the first time, I'm teaching you how to Groove too. It's your turn to shine online!


    Bonus: Weekly Office Hours with Me (Value $497)

    Students enrolled in Groove for Beginners with Kisha Fox will get VIP access to me for 30 minutes each week for 8 weeks. Wait…Whaaat?! Yes. I’ll answer your burning questions. And you’ll even see me work over-the-shoulder to help students sort through any pressing issues or points of struggle in GroovePages. You don't want to miss that opportunity. So hurry and enroll. 

    ENROLL FOR $187

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and end?

  • The self-paced course officially launches November 1st.

  • How do I gain access to the premium content?

  • Once you purchase, you will receive an email with login credentials to the paid members area.

  • What special skills do I have prior to taking this class?

  • Thankfully, no coding experience or know-how is required in Groove for Beginners with Kisha Fox. If you can drag, drop and follow simple instructions, you have the potential to be an A+ student. :)

  • What tools will I need to complete the course?

  • I highly recommend a laptop or computer (the larger the screen the better). You will need to have Chrome installed on your device because Groove is most compatible with Chrome. At a minimum, you will need a free Groove account. A paid account is optional.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

  • During the checkout process you'll have the option to checkout using PayPal or a credit card. Select the option that works best for you.

  • Why is the course only $187?

  • This course is being offered at the lowest price it'll ever be offered again in support of startup Solopreneurs. That's it.

    Groove For Beginners with Kisha Fox is Open


    I'm making the time to offer Groove for Beginners because I’ve had beginners like you reach out to say they want to be taught by me. Please understand that enrolling in my course gets you directly connected with me, a Groove Expert who cares about your success. Okay? Let’s gooooo!

    ENROLL FOR $187

    Disclaimer Statement: This course is not meant to offer securities or an assurance of your success in any business venture. Your success in this course depends on many factors, including the time and effort you put into it, and the degree to which you take advantage of opportunities offered by this training program. Please note there is no guarantee that we'll be able to help you achieve any specific results. We will only provide information on how to reach your goal. This site may contain links to affiliate partners, meaning I may be paid for purchases you make.